DOULA NEST is a space I created originaly for myself, while waiting for my UK midwifery registration (NMC) to keep my personal collection of inspiring articles, videos, photos, quotes and even recipes in one place. It reflects love for midwifery, family, women centered care, tradition, nature, cooking, photography...and much more. You can find it all on my facebook page.

I'm back into midwifery now, and as I never managed to work as a doula as I wished and trained, I'm happy I can now practice skills like Closing the Bones (Postnatal) massage I learnt  meanwhile in my free time. It does magic to body and soul and leaves woman beautifully nurtured, centered and relaxed. 

I love seeing woman becoming a goddess. Birth/motherhood is one of the occasions when you can see it happen.

I was always very independent and loved improvising and feeling free...but moving far away from my family and friends made me realize the importance of community, support and sisterhood, which I wish every woman has during her pregnancy and early postpartum. 

Doulal Nest is a place to nourish and honor the goddess in each of us,  to create "me" space, which is sometimes easily forgotten, and lately missed so greatly.